Third day – Women teams Highlights

Third day – Women teams Highlights
We start this brand new day by watching this incredible team from South America, Brazil making a remarkable work playing against Czech republic the Brazilian team take .
Meanwhile in the IHOP field We gather to watch obviously one of the most concurrent games by the host team with a very positive team as is Japan. Even though they lost* one of its player during the tournament they stay very focus to delivered a good game. Of course our girls close the score winning 38 to 16.

Guatemala vs Canada women
This game start with a fast First TD from the Canada team player #87 who score to Guatemala. This game took place in the IHOP field this late afternoon.

(It’s good to know the compilation of referee from all around the world bounding to rule every game with the right justice and fears convenience*.

The Central American team push themselves to score as much as they can and try to get into a better position. At the end there is a huge gap between Canada winning 44 and Guatemala with no success scoring 0 points.

After a long day of many games in Costa Del Este Field* now it’s the turn of Austria and Denmark, 10 minutes just past and Canada already score her first td. We see a very driven self-team with some much energy to offer. Austria also see to be determined to play the best they can to win. At the end Canada Wins 13 to Austria 7.

To culminate this Saturday night we finished with two simultaneous games Canada with Japan in the IHOP field giving us a very entertaining game, it is worth noting the differences of heights between this two teams is considerable. This game started quite hard on both sides, however only one managed to take the victory with a 42 to 16

Right next to us, on the Under Armor court, one of the games most expected by all of us was Panama vs Guatemala, two Central American teams.
Placing like cherry in the ice cream on this night. The bleachers to its maximum capacity a motivated team of Panama begins with a concentrated offensive and determined to maintain the title of champions. The opposing team on the other hand with the best of spirits and making their best plays against the host team.

Today we witness a court at its maximum capacity, showing that in Panama not only other sports are being lived but also that the flag football grows and becomes important in many Panamanians who practice this beautiful sport.

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