Third day – Men’s teams

Third day on the field.
This is a new day for all the teams to show in the field the hard work they’ve being doing for this championship.
It was full in the crowd, there was no space left, they were very enthusiastic, the fans were yelling at their teams as support, it was a great time to be there and live these moments.

First match (Under Armour field): the local guys against USA.
USA started the game with the first play making an unstoppable TD. But Panama knew they have to do whatever they could to keep on track on this championship.
The QB from Panama had a very good chemistry with WR #13, and together they put in movement the score. USA was not playing around, and they kept the advantage, and at the end they took the winning with them. Final score 35-25 (USA win)

At the same time, in the Ihop Fresh & Go, Guatemala and Canada were having their own match. Although the final score was 52 for Canada and 6 for Guatemala, the game wasn’t that easy. Guatemala kept fighting till the end.

Back to the Under Armour field, third game played at this field. Denmark vs Guatemala. In this case, Denmark was onfire, every time they got the ball, they scored, and even Guatemala was giving their best, the win went to Denmark.

The next game was Austria vs Mexico. This was a match that we thought it was going to be very competitive, but at the end, Mexico got the lead easily. We have to mention that Mexico’s fans were all over the place, so everybody in the field could feel their love and support. The only thing we could say it wasn’t that good, was that one player for the mexican team was expelled because of an unnecessary roughness. But well, he got his sanction and the show must go on.

The last game for the men group was Panama vs Canada.
Because we are in panamanian land, we thought it was obvious that the cheers of the fans were going to be excessive; and we were right. Every play in offense and defense you could hear the people screaming with phrases like: Let’s Go Panama! Let’s do this!
On the other hand, those yellings didn’t disconcentrate Canada’s team. They not only played well, but they won the match with graceful. Canada 39 – Panama 24

And that was all for the day. With these results we already have the teams that get to the next round and would be playing tomorrow at the Maracana Stadium.

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