Second Day!

Second day of IFAF FLAG FOOTBALL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP started very early this Thursday. And it begun like this:
The women’s teams: Mexico (52) vs Israel (19)
The men’s teams: USA (45) vs Japan (12) and Austria (70) vs India (6), being these 6 points for India the firsts for them on this World Championship.
There were such an amazing games that we can make some highlights on this:
The local men team couldn’t get the win against Austria. Austria won the game 34 vs 27, leaving the Panamanians in third place in the ranking of the Group A.
Mexico vs Canada was another game that took us the breath away. Mexico got the victory only for 2 points, letting Canada wanting for more time.
Something very similar happened between the second game of the day for USA, this time against Denmark. Only one point placed the USA team as the winner. FACT: USA is the current champion of the tournament.
Regarding to the results for the women’s, the truth is that there were no complicated games, as there were on the men’s group, we could see the only score that was tight, was for Czech Republic (9) vs Guatemala (6).
Today we are expecting the same and more excitement from the players and the fans. Its Saturday and the sun is all the way.
Good luck to all the teams, and for you who are reading, come a join us, and let’s be part of this beautiful history

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