Down, Set…Go!

First day on the field. Came the time because all teams trained weeks after weeks and months after months. The IFAF Flag Football World Championships 2018 kickoff is on the way.
Early on the morning we are witness of great games, fantastic plays, and dramatic finals. Also, a fast look on scores confirm favorite teams on fantastic way.
Games like Denmark and Mexico men teams on Subway Field, when Mexicans got a win by 1 pt was the beginning of a magic journey. Almost the same time on Ihop Field Canada beat Israel 40-39 on Group B action and all fans don’t believe what happened on court, oh yeah, the maximum level is on competition.
But we had scores not necessary closed up. Really, that first win for USA men team, they defeated India 80-0 (is not a wrong). And local team don’t take care and defeat India also 66-0.
Double thumbs up for Panama, USA and Brazil women teams that can win twice.
We see you tomorrow on the court!

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