Women’s category

When you listen flag football, maybe most of yours think in women play football without tackle each one or feel hurt during the game. Maybe you are correct, but, at this time when you listen flag football at Panama City on August 9th until 12th you have to know women who play hard, with high intensity and most of the best athletes on court. Since 2002 with the first world championship, flag football grows around the world, being most competitive year by year.

Eleven women’s National Teams will face during four days to get the World Champions Trophy, which has been secure for the last two years to Panama Team, the reigning champions.

Is a hard way waiting for them, and the glory is awaiting at the end.

Panama is the favorite for repeat the championship. Most of the players that take action in 2016 will repeat this year, playing at home, and number 1 on rank are some positive factors for Panama girls.

But we have a lot of great teams taking action, some of them formers champions like Mexico and Canada. Also, finalists like USA, Japan and Austria. Take care on the rest of the teams that come to take advantage like Guatemala, Denmark, Czech, Israel and Brazil. Good luck for all them.

Sure you can’t look another thing these days, because you could lost the opportunity to be witness! I see you on the court.

GROUP A                                          GROUP B

PANAMA (1)                                     AUSTRIA (2)

CANADA (4)                                       MEXICO (3)

BRAZIL (6)                                           USA (5)

JAPAN (8)                                           ISRAEL (7)

GUATEMALA (10)                            DENMARK (9)


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