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The IFAF Flag Football World Championship 2018 will take place at Panama City in a few days. It will be an intense four days with 10 countries competing for the title of the World Champions.

Let’s take a step back to see how the competition is developing till this moment. The first to arrive to Panama were USA, Denmark and Austria, followed shortly by the rest of the group by Mexico, Canada, Japan, Israel, Guatemala and India. These teams together with Panama are the best of the best of Flag Football in The World.

The current Champions Team USA is the favorite to keep the title for the next two years. They won last two World Championship winners but face some strong competition every time. One of the main contenders for the title is Denmark, the last runner-up and four times finalist. They definitely came here to be the best of all for the first time. Both of them play in different group which makes it even more interesting. Team USA has the number 1 spot in Group A and Denmark is number 2 in Group B.

Canada, Austria and Mexico also are eager to win the trophy. However, the local guys inspired by Panama Women’s success of 2016 are ready to give it all on the field. And the home field advantage and support of the local fans is something that additionally motivates the team.

Unfortunately this time we won’t see Germany and France teams who were unable to participate.


With this each group have five teams with the rank being the base of qualifiers for all them:

Group A                                                          Group B

USA (1)                                                             DENMARK (2)

AUSTRIA (4)                                                   MEXICO (3)

PANAMA (6)                                                  CANADA (5)

JAPAN (8)                                                        ISRAEL (7)

INDIA (10)                                                       GUATEMALA (9)

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