FIELDS AND GAMES. You want to know this

The Ifaf Flag Football World Championship 2018 will be taking place in Panama, thanks to the effort of many people who believe in Panamanian sports and know how much we can offer to the rest of the world.

On this occasion 12 countries will be competing for the respective trophy and a title of either Women or Men World Flag Football Champion.


The games are going to take place on Thursday 9th, Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August in the sport complex of COSTA DEL ESTE SPORTS CENTER and the MARACANÁ Stadium.

All regular matches will be played in the COSTA DEL ESTE field. The games of the last day including grand final will take place at the MARACANÁ Stadium on Sunday, August 12.


The Costa del Este Sports Center will be divided into 3 fields.

Under Armour Field, Ihop Fresh & Go Field and Subway Field.

It is important to emphasize that the games will be done simultaneously, so we recommend having the calendar by hand. We will also have a map of the sport center with the location of each field. For any updates you can follow our social media and the website.


The schedule is full of some very exciting games they you don’t want to miss!


One of our recommendations is the Mexico vs Denmark men’s game on Thursday the 9t on the Subway field at 8:00 am. And right after to that you can also catch a game of Mexico vs Austria women’s at 9:15 am on the Under Armour field. In both cases the ranking of the opponents is high so we are counting on a great spectacle for flag football fans.  Mexico holds ranking #3 in both teams, and they will be competing against ranking #2 in both cases.


In the end we know all of the teams have been preparing for this Championship so this is an unique event with high level of games we all are looking forward to see.



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